A Salt Water Filter Plant.

Issue 5 and Volume 1893 14.

A Salt Water Filter Plant. The Field Force Pump Company of Leckport, N. Y., has secured a contract to construct a salt water filter plant for the Castle Garden Aquarium in New York, and the company are now busy at work on the same, and will have it completed in a few days. The intention of the park board is to get a collection of salt water fish, which is quite rare, if, indeed, any such collection can be found in any other city. The central tank in the building is to be eighty feet in diameter and will contain a whale. The outer circle of tanks, which are of glass, will be supplied with all the rare varieties to make it the largest and most attractive aquarium in the world, plans having been made for a large coilectien of fresh water fish also. The filters for salt water are…

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