Fighting Fire With Gases.

Issue 6 and Volume 1893 14.

Fighting Fire With Gases. An interesting experiment in fighting fires was tried at Salem, Mass., last week, and it appeared to be successful. All the apparatus used in the experiment was a sheet-iron cylinder about three inches in diameter and sixteen inches in length This cylinder was charged with gases and chemicals sufficient to throw a stream half the size of an ordinary lead pencil about twelve feet continuously for five or six minutes. After the cylinder had been charged a box eight feet long and four feet high by four feet wide was obtained, and the inside smeared with tar. Then, to add to the inflammable quality of the material, a half-gallon of kerosene oil was sprinkled upon it and the whole thing set on fire. The heat created by the fire was intense, and those who were witnessing the experiment had grave doubts as to the success. After…

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