Water Purification.

Issue 6 and Volume 1893 14.

Water Purification. The New Bedford (Mass.) Daily Mercury agrees with our remarks in relation to the purification of water supply, specially as concerning the proposed scheme for that of New York. The subject of the purity of water supplies is commanding much attention at the present time, especially in the large cities, which are finding it particularly difficult to preserve the water from contamination. A polluted water supply means disease, and especially disease of the typhoid variety. One of the most talked of plans for insuring purity is that of filtration. Many European cities have spent large sums of money for filtration plants in connection with water distribution, but not much has yet been done in that direction in this country. It is pointed out by FIRE AND WATER that the European cities possess an economical advantage which could not readily be attained in this country in our large cities,…

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