Issue 6 and Volume 1893 14.

WELL DRILLING NOTES. An artesian well is being driven for Benjamin Dawson of New Bedford, Mass., by D. L. Parker of Providence for the purpose of supplying water for his extensive bottling establishment, for the use of which the city water is not at all suited. It is proposed to sink the well until an abundant supply of excellent water is secured. The artesian well recently drove on the premises of C. T. Aldrich, Sr., Millbury, Mass., yields 110 gallons per minute of good water. This is remarkable, from the fact that the well is driven less than 100 feet from the Blackstone. It is sixtythree feet deep. It was driven by H. M. Tompkins of Worcester. The town of Methuen, Mass., is to put in a water supply driven well system at an expense of $150,000, to be covered by an issue of bonds. The townspeople met last night…

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