New Water-works Systems.

Issue 6 and Volume 1893 14.

New Water-works Systems. The following works were designed by C. F. Loweth, St. Paul, Minn., printed from data received for our annual publication: HAND-BOOK OF WATER-WORKS STATISTICS AND FIRE DEPARTMENT EQUIPMENT FOR 1893. TRACY, MINN.—Built 1892. Supply from artesian well; 8340 feet 4 to to inch pipe; seventeen hydrants, two 60 horsepower steel boilers and one 1,000,000 gallons 18 x 10 X 18 inch Smith-Vaile pump, and 10 x 36 inch artesian well pump, brick smokestack and power house; wood water tower with 20 x 30 foot tank elevated eighty-six feet above the ground; tower pressure ordinarily; direct pressure for fire service; cost, $28,000. Fairbanks, Morse & Co., St. Paul, contractors. Electric light plant with too horse-power engine operated in connection with water works, all owned by the city. REDWOOD FALLS, Minn.— Built 1892. Supply from springs ; 15.74° feet 4 to 1° inch pipe; thirty-four fire hydrants, sixty horse-power…

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