Issue 6 and Volume 1893 14.

SEWERAGE. NEW SEWERAGE SYSTEMS AND EXTENSIONS. Erie, Pa.—Extension, Thos. Hanlon. New Haven, Conn.—Extension, S. E. Grannis. Trenton, N. J.—Improvement, J. C. Owens. Grand Rapids. Mich.—Extension. W. A. Shinkman. Washington, D. C.—Extension, H. F. Hayden. Troy, N. Y.—Improvement, J. J. McCormick. Fremont, Neb.—Extension, A. W. Forbes. Oakland, Cal.—Extension, C. Purcell. Kansas City, Mo.—Extension, Frank Graham. Pittsburgh, Pa.—Improvement. Geo. Booth. Northampton, Mass.—Extension, E. S. Clapp. Tarboro, N. C.—System. J. M. Spraggins. Holyoke, Mass.—Extension, T. D. O’Brien. New Bedford, Mass.—Extension, D. B. Leonard. Meadville, Pa.—Improvement, B. B. Rekett, Jr. Burlington, Iowa.—Extension, Chas. Hood. St. Joseph, Mo.—Extension, L. C. Burns. Bennington, Vt.—Extension, E. A. Booth. Fremont, Neb.—Extension, A. W. Forbes. Streator, Ill.—Extension, E. L. Dawaghles. San Francisco, Cal.—Extension, J. II. Russell. Rochester, N. Y.—Extension, Peter Sheridan. West Winstead, Conn.—Improvement, H. W. Robinson. Lansing, Mich.—Extension, C. R. Esler. Dubuque, la.—Extension, James Fitzpatrick. Warren, O.—Extension, G. H. Quimby. Memphis, Tenn.—Extension, J. J. Shea. Washington, D. C.—Extension,…

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