A Most Disastrous Fire.

Issue 6 and Volume 1893 14.

A Most Disastrous Fire. At Ellerslie, N. Y., on Tuesday morning, fire destroyed the extensive hams of ex-Vice-Tresident Levi P. Morton. The first report in Rbinebeck was that the electric lighting apparatus had caused the fire, but Mr. Morton’s superintendent, H. M. Cottrell, said the current had been shut off. The hay that was stored in the barn was cured, so there could have been no spontaneous combustion. More tramps than usual have been seen about Ellerslie lately, however, and as the big barn was always left open, it is thought possible that the fire may have been caused by the usual conjunction of tramp, pipe and hay. Mr. Morton’s great estate of IOOO acres has been pronounced one of the greatest Guernsey cattle, dairy and poultry farms in the world. The big barn was built to replace one that was struck by lightning and burned June io, I8Q2. NO…

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