She Is Popular With the Firemen.

Issue 9 and Volume 1893 14.

She Is Popular With the Firemen. Princess Marie of Orleans, the wife of Prince Valdemar of Denmark, is said to be the most popular woman of the court of Copenhagen. Had any one ventured to predict six years ago, when the Princess ar.ived in Copenhagen, that some day such would be the case, the Danes would have ridiculed his prophecy. The truth is that the young Princess proved something of a disappointment to the loyal citizens of Copenhagen. For months their newspapers had been applying to her choicest phrases from the court reporter’s stock, “charming, fascinating, majestic, beautiful !” And here she was, with her halfclosed eyes, receding chin, and a pathetic expression. It is true, her lithe and slender figure and her fresh complexion were beyond criticism, but that was about all the grumbling inhabitants of the Danish capital could say in the way of praise —that praise which…

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