Oakland’s Great Scheme.

Issue 9 and Volume 1893 14.

Oakland’s Great Scheme. The city of Oakland (Cal.) has determined to jump ahead of San Francisco in the race to be the Paris of America, and hence some time ago the city council directed the clerk to communicate with the secretary of the Board of Public Works and have that official inform the board that it wanted the necessary plans for an underground conduit. The Board of Public Works in turn asked Fire Warden Carlton, the municipal electrician, to submit the necessary plans and estimates, and that dignitary, conscious of a new honor conveyed to him through many yards of red tape, at once thought of the magnificent underground conduits of Paris where boat races are held in the sewers and where two wagons drive abreast on the shelf-like driveways. He had examined these magnificent subterranean passages at stereopticon exhibitions and he had studied them in Victor Hugo’s writings. He…

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