New York’s New Reservoir.

Issue 9 and Volume 1893 14.

New York’s New Reservoir. Although the aqueduct commissioners adopted the resolution on June 7 designating Jerome Park and surrounding property as the site for the new reservoir, the department of public works, to which the matter was referred for a survey of the property, map, estimates, etc., has done nothing looking toward this public improvement. The aqueduct department, however, is fully alive to the necessities of a great reservoir in the near future, and it has taken all the preliminary steps looking to its accomplishment, but official regulations prevent any further proceedings until the department of public works furnishes the map and surveys. Meantime the Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth wards are in danger of running short of water, and Manhattan Island is confronted with the possibility of a water shortage resulting from any accident to the new Croton aqueduct. General James C. Doane, president of the aqueduct commission, says: jty is…

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