To Build a Sewer on Piles.

Issue 12 and Volume 1893 14.

To Build a Sewer on Piles. The building of the new sewer which is to occupy the Aramingo canal from the river to Huntingdon street, Philadelphia, and over which the proposed Aramingo avenue is to be located, presented great difficulties to the engineers, At first it was intended to build piers and lay the sewer on a system of connected atches, but this was abandoned as too costly. Another plan was decided upon, and the work of preparation is now being rapidly pushed. The difficulty encountered was the soft mud at the bottom of the canal, and this is now to be overcome by a most extensive system of piling. Great yellow pine timbers, twelve inches square, are to be driven to solid bottom, three feet apart. Transversely in these will rest yellow pine planks, eight by eight inches. Broken stone will be filled in two feet deep around the…

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