Issue 12 and Volume 1893 14.

WATER-WORKS CONVENTION. Complete Report of the Proceedings at Milwaukee, with the Exception of the Papers Read, which will be Published Later On.—The Exhibits.— Names of Those Present. President Benzenberg of Milwaukee called the meeting to order in the Arcade room of the hotel and introduced Mayor Koch of Milwaukee, who said: Mr. President and gentlemen—It gives me great pleasure to meet you here to-day and I extend to you the welcome of the city. I hope you will enjoy all the time you are with us and I have no doubt that Mr. Benzenberg will make it interesting for you. Our Milwaukee people have large hearts and you are welcome to them. Gentlemen, you are welcome. (Applause.) The president then introduced C. C. Rogers, president of the Milwaukee Advancement Association, who said : Mr. Chairman and gentlemen—A young man once asked Henry Ward Beecher what he considered to be one…

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