Issue 13 and Volume 1893 14.

WELL DRILLING NOTES. D. M. O’Connor, the widely known cattle prince of southwest Texas, is making active and extensive preparations for the boring of another artesian well, to be situated about sixteen miles due east of Refugio and about six miles from the coast. This will be the fourth well in his Refugio pasture, besides the natural water resources, and eight wells with windmills and large tanks recently constructed. One of the three already bored artesian wells is a sight worth going a long distance to see. The stand-pipe fixed onto the well pipe are about five and one-half feet high, covered on top by a cap several inches larger in diameter than the pipe, the under side of which is perforated by perhaps fifty or more three-quarter-inch holes, through which the pure, sparkling water is forced down to the ground by a very strong pressure. The pressure may be…

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