Our Western Letter.

Issue 13 and Volume 1893 14.

Our Western Letter. OFFICE OF FIRF. AND WATER, 202-206 LA SALLE STRF.ET, CHICAGO, September 20. The air permeating all business circles is of a warmer degree, consequently the commercial spirit is becoming buoyant and the late nasty money flurry is now galvanizing into a corpse, soon to be fitted out with its sombre cerements and thankfully laid away where worms hold high carnival. That there is a happy quickening of the business current, is evident on all sides, and indications are fast mellowing that unruffled prosperity will soon again take up its gladsome procession. To the shrewd business man this means that he must be stirring himself to take all advantage of duly advertising his goods in such standard channels as the columns of FIRE AND WATER. On the night of September 11 the suburb of Pullman, wherein are located the great car shops, was seriously threatened by fire. The…

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