Canton (O.) Sewage Disposal Works.

Issue 13 and Volume 1893 14.

Canton (O.) Sewage Disposal Works. The very elaborate sewage disposal works at Canton, O., have attracted the attention of engineers and municipal authorities everywhere. The chief engineer of the construction of this remarkable plant is L. E. Chapin, assisted by Engineers Bender and Pfouts. We are indebted to Mr. Chapin for the very excellent illustrations that accompany this article. The story of the construction of the system is interestingly told by Mr. Chapin in a communication to the Board of Sewer Committee. Among other things he says: The works have been designed and built for purification of house sewage by chemical precipitation, the precipitating agents, lime and sulphate of alumnia, being added to the crude sewage in certain specified quantities, and the whole thoroughly commingled, after which the sewage so treated is allowed to pass slowly through the precipitating tanks, where the heavier matters fall to the bottom and the…

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