Issue 13 and Volume 1893 14.

THE FIRE DEPARTMENTS. The Critic of Louisville, Ky., contained this interesting bit of gossip in its last issue: Said a well-known business man, referring to the election: “I was inclined to vote for Mr. Jacob. He had always been my friend and was so uniformly courteous and polite that I hardly saw how I could fail to vote for him. But he began to abuse Major Hughes, and that caused me to stop and think. He was going to remove Hughes from office and declared that he was an ingrate, etc. I remembered that a few years ago I was in trouble. I needed money, and needed it quickly in order to save myself from financial ruin. I was unable to raise it in the customary manner, and was ready to throw up the sponge and quit. By some means Major Hughes heard of my embarrassment and hunted me up.…

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