Duerr Still in the Courts.

Issue 13 and Volume 1893 14.

Duerr Still in the Courts. Alfred A. Duerr, once a member of Engine Company No. 10 of the Newark (N. J.) Fire Department, is making a strong legal fight against the board of fire commissioners and the city of Newark. He was dismissed in May, 1892, and secured counsel to appeal his case. After it had been pending several months the court found that his trial was irregular and that he must be reinstated. Then Duerr was dismissed. His counsel next made a demand for back pay amounting to $675, which accrued during his suspension after the first dismissal. The suit was on the docket Wednesday before Judge Depue. The city council, for the board, moved a non-suit on the ground that the board did not pay the salaries of firemen, and that the city treasurer was the proper person. Francis Knowles, Duerr’s counsel, will next apply for a mandamus…

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