The Pennsylvania Convention.

Issue 14 and Volume 1893 14.

The Pennsylvania Convention. The fourteenth annual convention of the State Firemen’s Association was called to order in the court-house on September 19, by President George Nallinger of Philadelphia. Judge John Greer delivered the address of welcome on behalf of the citizens of Butler. A. E. Reiber, chief of the Butler Fire Department, made an address on behalf of the Butler Fire Department. President Nallinger responded for the visiting firemen, and the proceedings were considered fairly begun. The president’s report received considerable attention. In it he favored the bill known as House bill No. 30, or firemen’s pension bill, which Governor Patterson vetoed. He urged that it be adopted by this convention, thus showing the representatives of each county and city in the State that the firemen wanted it to become a law. On motion of Mr. Bickel of Norristown the sympathy of the convention was extended to Mr. Bosch of…

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