Artesian Wells as a Source of Water Supply.

Issue 14 and Volume 1893 14.

Artesian Wells as a Source of Water Supply. (Continued.) The second general principle regarding the waters from artesian wells can, I think, also be best understood by a special case, and for this purpose I will again take the Potsdam sandstone. It seems safe to assume that we may regard about 28-30 grains of solids, calculated as in previous table, as the normal constitution of true Potsdam water. But other waters represented as coming from Potsdam sandstone give quite other results, of which I will cite a few typical cases from analyses collected from various miscellaneous sources, but not verified by the analyst or check analyses. Many others might be given, some of them with even greater difference than these; but what 1 wish to call special attention to is this. That the Potadam water contains normally about 28-30 grains per gallon of water, of which only about one to…

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