North Point Station, Milwaukee.

Issue 14 and Volume 1893 14.

North Point Station, Milwaukee. One of the points of interest visited by the members of the American Water-works Association daring the recent convention at Milwaukee, was the pumping station at North Point. Here was inspected the great Allis triple expansion, vertical engine with the three cylinders arranged side by side. This remarkable piece of mechanism was designed by I. H. Reynolds and built by the Edward P. Allis Company under the supervision of General Superintendent Edwin Reynolds. The pumps are entirely below the floor and the piston rods from the engine are directly connected to the plungers of the pumps. It has two fly-wheels, which are connected to the main shaft, and perform the office simply of aiding in the regulation of the engine. The engines and pumps have in each case five feet stroke, the diameters of the engine cylinders being respectively twenty eight, forty-eight, and seventyfour inches and…

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