Canton (O.) Sewage Disposal Works—No. 2.

Issue 14 and Volume 1893 14.

Canton (O.) Sewage Disposal Works—No. 2. All masonry has been cleaned of mortar and treated with three coats of Portland cement wash, which makes a clean hard surface impervious to moisture and has endured the frosts of the winter without scaling. The effluent chamber is five feet wide and 12 feet long, of brick masonry laid in the same manner and with same final treatment. The steps in this chamber are Berea sandstone sawed to exact dimensions and imbedded in the side walls. The sludge pump well is to feet inside diameter and 18 feet deep, having 16-inch brick walls and bottom. This well has a capacity of 700 cubic feet sludge to its flow line, the admission of which is controlled by an 18-inch sluice gate with hand wheel and standard and operated from above. Midway between the two pairs of tanks and under the centra! channel wall is…

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