Canton (O.) Sewage Disposal Works—No. 3.

Issue 15 and Volume 1893 14.

Canton (O.) Sewage Disposal Works—No. 3. And after the sewage so treated reaches the tanks, by reason of their capacity, the velocity becomes so checked that precipitation immediately takes place, the effluent being quite clear after having passed through the first two tanks. After using the first tank in the series for about two days, it becomes necessary to cut this tank out of the series, for the purpose of removing the accumulated sludge. This is done by closing the flash board gates separating this tank from the main channel and opening channel gate, allowing sewage to pass by the tank so cut out and into the next tank and thence through the remaining tanks to the effluent chamber. When the tank is so cut out the water remaining therein is allowed to stand for a time to allow floating matter to precipitate, after which the floating skimmer pipe is…

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