Water Purification.

Issue 15 and Volume 1893 14.

Water Purification. The increased pollution of the interior water sources is getting to be an alarming matter in this country, and many men have devoted time and talents to the creation of something to reduce the danger of impure water. On another page we give an illustration of the Roeske methods of purification and the apparatus used. The point A, in the illustration, represents a river, and B, a well, sunk into the ground. The water from A ascends in B until it finds its level, it contains a perforated false bottom, which forms the support of a body of comminuted iron ; coarse at the lower stratas with fine chipping* on top. This finer upper portion is constantly agitated by a rake, rotated by gear wheels, shown above well B. and driven by engine in annexed pump house. The agitator forces, at the same time, a volume of air…

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