Phenomenal Water Supply System.

Issue 15 and Volume 1893 14.

Phenomenal Water Supply System. Not content with transforming itself into a first-class seaport, the city of Manchester, Eng., is now hurrying to completion a second great engineering enterprise. It is constructing a system of water supply which is in itself one of the greatest feats of the kind ever attempted. It means to have pure water, cost what it will, and has thought it nothing out of the way to go 100 miles for its supply. The city referred to has secured this at Thirlmere, a beautiful lake on the Cumberland hills 350 feet above the sea level. That there may be no risk of the water in this lake becoming contaminated, the city has purchased the entire watershed, so that no cause for fear exists that there will be a repetition of New York’s experience with its Croton supply. A great dam has been built across the mouth of…

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