Freezing of the Water In a Submerged Pipe.

Issue 15 and Volume 1893 14.

Freezing of the Water In a Submerged Pipe. The following description of an incident which occurred during the past winter in connection with the Boston water supply may be of value as an example to some one in similar circumstances. Between Moon and Long Islands in Boston harbor there was laid in 1888 a line of six-inch flexible jointed pipe about 3400 feet in length. These pipes had the well known Ward flexible joint in which the bell of the pipe is turned in a spherical form, and the ball is formed by the lead, which is held in position by two collars cast on the spigot end of the pipe. The channel crossed has a depth of about fifteen feet at low water, and the shore on either side has a slope of about three feet per 100. In order to protect the pipe from the action of the…

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