Our Western Letter.

Issue 16 and Volume 1893 14.

Our Western Letter. (Front Our Regular Correspondent.) OFFICE OF FIRE AND WATF.R, 202-206 LA SALLE STREET, CHICAGO, Oct. 10, 1893. Chicago Day at the World’s Fair is universally conceded, and justly so, to have been the greatest and grandest event of the peaceful assembling of human beings ever beheld upon earth. Such an aggregation of humanity, with its press, pomp and pageantry, and the attendant displays of the products of man’s mind and hands, from the surface of the earth, the air above and the mines beneath’the same, neverin all history of humankind has the like been witnessed or even approached. More than seven hundred thousand intelligent and welldressed people assembled of their own free will upon five hundred acres of ground, and in good will and joyfulness do honor to the progressive spirit, indomitable will and unparalleled success of a Western city. As a flashing fancy consider that upon…

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