Albany’s New Fountain.

Issue 16 and Volume 1893 14.

Albany’s New Fountain. The King Memorial Fountain in Washington park, Albany, N. Y., which was unveiled September 29, has been visited by thousands of persons. There have been many criticisms, some of which have not been favorable, as a matter of course. Some of the critics say that the fountain is not artistic, and never will be, because it is impossible to combine rough ashlars aud bronze figures in one harmonious whole. The arrangement of the figures, too, are said to be inartistic and rather stiff in the position in which they are placed. Of the figures little else than words of praise are heard, save now and then a close student will pick out a flaw in the dress or drapery. But those for whose benefit the fountain vvas erected are satisfied, and admire the pile of rock and bronze, and feel proud that Washington park has such an…

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