Boring Wells by Electricity.

Issue 16 and Volume 1893 14.

Boring Wells by Electricity. Another new application of electricity is that of boring or drilling into the earth. A new boring machine of this nature is now being tested in the new power house of the Broadway surface road at Fifteenth street and Sixth avenue, New York. In this house, according to The New York World, there is a brass cylinder, twenty-two feet long and about five inches in diameter, suspended vertically from the ceiling. At each end of the cylinder is a peculiar mechanism. The whole is a new electric drill, which it is proposed to test by boring an artesian well 1500 feet deep in the boiler room of the power house. The mechanism at the lower end of the cylinder is the drill head, which is made to revolve by electricity. There are five powerful little motors in the cylinder above the drill head, which is armed…

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