Issue 16 and Volume 1893 14.

FIRE AND WATER WE refer our readers to the subject “ London Water Supply,” which appears in this paper. It is an object lesson in many respects with reference to water supply. The principal feature which forcibly attracts our attention is the daily per capita consumption of water in the city of London. We can only account for this low figure—namely, 39.10 gallons per head—for the reason, that instead of a direct supply of water leading from the water mains, the water is first discharged into cisterns and is thence distributed from the cistern through the service pipes of the dwellings. The author of the paper points out the objections associated with the use of the domestic cistern or tank, and refers to the fact that the sanitary conditions of many of the cisterns is such as to promote disease in and among the people that use the water stored…

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