Issue 16 and Volume 1893 14.

Electrolysis In a general sense this word is compound; it means the decomposition of metals by the action of electricity. It is a word used also to express the action or process of the oxidation of metals by natural law. In galvanic action any metal decomposed by the aid of acids and resolved in suspension, thence deposited upon metal plates or sheets, as in silver plating, copper plating and electrotyping, is, in scientific parlance, considered the resultant of electrolysis. Since the introduction of the telegraph and telephone systems of transmission by electricity, electrolysis is the primary element used to furnish the energy to produce the power required. The process of electrolysis is either produced by acid batteries or friction dynamos. In each case the decomposition of metallic substance occurs. From these few introductory remarks may be drawn the idea that electricity for the purpose of mechanical application is a power…

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