Foolhardy Recklessness.

Issue 21 and Volume 1893 14.

Foolhardy Recklessness. [ Translated for FIRE AND WATER from the Der Norddeutsche Feuerwehrmatin. ] This was the title of the little article we wrote for our paper, and which proved to be for the great mass of smallbrained people and shriekers of hurrah! that what a red cloth is for the bull in the Spanish arena. But now comes the information from the other side of the ocean that the authorities engaged in executing the laws stand identically upon the same ground with The Norddeutsche Feuerwehrmann. Mr. Murphy, the fire director of Chicago, who was carried away for dead, has been indicted because he himself went to a place and ordered people thither, where neither he nor they had any business. Our readers will remember the nauseatingly pompous phrases used by the political press, when speaking of the “ heroes of Chicago,” who at the fire in the cold storage…

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