The Stilwell-Bierce & Smith-Vaile Co.

Issue 21 and Volume 1893 14.

The Stilwell-Bierce & Smith-Vaile Co. Among the most interesting and instructive exhibits in Machinery hall is that made by the Stilwell-Bierce & SmithVaile Co., of Dayton, O., illustrated herewith. It embraces Victor turbines of both register gate and cylinder gate patterns, arranged on both vertical and horizontal shafts, and ought not to be overlooked by any who are using or contemplate using water power. These celebrated turbines are built in such a great variety of styles and sizes as to meet the requirements of almost any situation. Another very interesting feature of the exhibit are the Stilwell open and close heaters, and the live steam purifier, for heating and purifying feed wafer for steam boilers. The practical efficiency of these heaters is demonstrated by a display of lime deposits taken from heaters in operation in various sections of the country. The proper treatment of feed water is an item of…

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