E. P. Allis Company.

Issue 21 and Volume 1893 14.

E. P. Allis Company. The great Milwaukee house of E. P. Allis Company had an exhibit in Machinery hall that would have made a very respectable establishment complete in itself. The variety of mechanical appliances shown was most remarkable, and comprised scores of engines of every size and pumps and accessories of the widest kind. The enormous engine that gave life to the hundreds of thousands of wheels and pulleys throughout the great Machinery hall was made by this firm, and has never been exceeded in size or strength. The pumping engines utilized at scores of exhibits were made by the E. P. Allis Company, and machinery of every possible description used in the internal management of the exhibits came from the shops of this mammoth concern. A book might be written of the exhibit of the E. P. Allis Company, so complete was it in every detail.

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