The Office of City Civil Engineer in Small Cities.*

Issue 21 and Volume 1893 14.

The Office of City Civil Engineer in Small Cities.* The introduction to Baldwin Latham’s Sanitary Engineering is one of the most encouraging and interesting statements of fact in the department to which it relates that can anywhere be found. The percentages given seem the more remarkable because they are obtained during a period when comparatively little was known about specific causes of many forms of disease. But whether these figures are noted for the first or the second time readers find it difficult to realize that no less positive conditions and forces exist now, and that the records of the present period should arouse greater interest, inasmuch as the readers of to-day, and those who do not read, take an active part in determining what those records must be. It is one of those not infrequent cases where there is no escape from responsibility. If a man uses his influence…

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