An Excellent Teat.

Issue 21 and Volume 1893 14.

An Excellent Teat. A wet day was not allowed to interfere with the tests of the new LaFrance fire steamer at Holyoke, Mass. The company attached to the Ward 3 steamer was ordered out and the members had to attend in spite of the rain. The board of fire commissioners was present and Mr. La France of the company. The tests were held near the Deane steam pump shop on the third level canal. The machine was given a thorough examination and several difficult tasks. It stood all the demand well and is capable of doing good work in quenching fire. Tne boiler made steam to forty pounds pressure in eight minutes and the pumps were started at that pressure. The steam was then brought to no pounds pressure and kept there during the tests. The number of gallons thrown was net computed, but water pressure and revolutions of the…

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