The New York Belting and Packing Company.

Issue 21 and Volume 1893 14.

The New York Belting and Packing Company. One of the most novel exhibits seen at the great World’s Fair was that shown by the New York Belting and Packing Company, Limited, 13 Park row, New York city. Their digplay, including the booth, was composed entirely of rubber. The effect produced was artistic in the extreme, and claimed the attention of visitors at once. Everything was rubber—vulcanized rubber—for this concern has the credit of being the oldest and largest manufacturers of such goods in the world. The railings were made of rubber, the entrances and gates constructed of suction and air-brake hose, and the lower part of the railings latticed with bicycle pedals. The uprights noticed in engraving, one at either end of booth, were built up of suction hose, coupled together and crowned by the stars and stripes, supported by rubber poles, each surmounted by a rubber ball. The display…

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