Issue 21 and Volume 1893 14.

FIRE AND WATER THIS issue of FIRE AND WATER will enable our readers to form some idea of the splendid part taken in the great World’s Fair by the enterprising concerns engaged in the manufacture of fire appliances and water-works supplies. The story of each exhibit is told in an interesting manner, and where it has been possible we have secured illustrations of the display, and reproduce them on these pages. In several instances the product of some of these concerns has been so great as to necessitate special buildings to properly display it. Altogether the supply men contributed liberally and instructively, and we hope profitably, to this the greatest exhibition known to civilization. TPHE abnormal increase in the fire losses of the current year, which, up to September 30, are * estimated to have aggregated $121,832,700 as against $95,000,000 for the corresponding period of last year, have compelled the…

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