Thomson Meter Company.

Issue 21 and Volume 1893 14.

Thomson Meter Company. Among the thousands of inventions which made the Department of Manufactures interesting none was more ingenious, more interesting than that of the Thomson Meter Company, sole owners of the Lambert-Thomson water meter patents, whose works are at 79-83 Washington street, Brooklyn. The exhibit was in the Department of Manufactures. It is the inside and not the outside of the Bee disc meter which is interesting, and although the mechanism is extremely simple when once understood, most people will want a few hints to comprehend the details by which the water passing through the meter is registered on the dial with none of the vagaries which have given the gas meter a permanent place in the comic literature of the country. Preventing waste in the water supply of large cities has long stared municipal governments in the face as one of their most important problems. Most experts have…

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