Our Western Letter.

Issue 22 and Volume 1893 14.

Our Western Letter. OFFICE OF FIRE AND WATER, 202-206 LA SALLE STREET, CHICAGO, NOV. 23, 1893. A top grade coterie of insurance high priests were gravely enduring a symposium in a private parlor in the heart of the city Monday night, demurely unraveling an entangled menu of higher rates, imported cigars, Pommerey Sec and club gossip, when they were unwittingly made the interested as well as instructed eye-witnesses of how the Chicago Fire Department handle fires in the top stories of tall buildings. Their attention was first attracted by great volumes of hot smoke surging from the openings of the top story of the Pike building, at State and Monroe streets. The fire was confined entirely to the sky story and evidently had a grim grip before an alarm had been sent in. The high priests at once rivetted their expert observation on the physical problem so happily thrust under…

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