Electrolysis in the Brewery.

Issue 22 and Volume 1893 14.

Electrolysis in the Brewery. Few manufacturers can show such excellent examples of applied science as that of beer, and this fact seems inconsistent with the reluctance which so many brewers exhibit to supplant their system of gas illumination by the more rational system of electric lighting. The latter can communicate ns contamination or ill flavor to the beer during its various stages of production, and can bring about no dangerous disturbances of temperature at critical periods of fermentation. In another direction, however, enterprise has recently been shown which is worth noting. At certain stages of the process of brewing, it is necessary to know the amount of sugar which the liquor contains, and it is customary to determine this by means of a solution of copper. The indications, however, of the exact amount of cuprous oxide is often attended with difficulty and uncertainity, and electricity is now brought in to…

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