Issue 22 and Volume 1893 14.

FIRE AND WATER CHIEF LANE’S statue at Troy, N. Y., is no nearer completion than it was this time last year. Thus, then, has been proclaimed to the world that Troy’s fire department has its Don Quixotes, and that its city is filled with wind mills. Sic transit gloria mundi. WHEN it is considered that a knowledge of ignition, combustion and conflagration (meaning by the last, one burning substance starting the blazing of another) requires much information on chemistry, thermo dynamics, technology, mechanics, and the architectural, physical and meteorological relations of the subject, it is not to be wondered that we know so little about “fires.” Insurance is a compend of the sciences, and we know a fire risk when we understand the conditions contributive to the production of destructive fire, that is, understand them as fire forces. Flame is the motion of undue transition of substance. (There is no…

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