Electric Ventilation of Sewers.

Issue 24 and Volume 1893 14.

Electric Ventilation of Sewers. The municipal authorities of an English town have accepted the offer of a local lighting company to provide electromotors for ventilating the up-take columns of sewers. The motors arc to be continuously supplied with current for three months for $25 each, tests being taken in the meantime of the amount of foul air extracted from the sewer. The introduction of electromotors for this purpose is by no means the first occasion on which mechanical power has been employed for removing dangerous gases. Large blowers and fans have been successfully used for carrying a supply of fresh air through the workings at mines and colleries. Formerly the ventilation was effected by hot air currents, a furnace being kept up in the up-take for the purpose of heating the outgoing air and thus creating a draught. The superiority of electrical ventilation, however, has been so conclusively demonstrated for…

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