High-Class Engineering.

Issue 24 and Volume 1893 14.

High-Class Engineering. High-class engineering was shown in laying out the waterworks of the little village of Listowell, according to an exchange. The town authorities, through motives of economy, did not employ an engineer, but cooked up a plan in accordance with their own raw ideas of hydraulic science. The engineering inspector of the local government board held an inquiry, and on the strength of his report parliamentary sanction was given to the scheme. The water was to be taken from the Fcale river, seven miles distant. Means of filtration were provided, pipe laid and connections made. When all was complete the gates were opened and every one waited for the stream of water. There was too much waiting, however, for the town fathers, and on going over their plans it was found that the combined engineering ability of the lot of them had failed to locate the head gate high…

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