Draining the Aztec Capital.

Issue 24 and Volume 1893 14.

Draining the Aztec Capital. If all goes well the City of Mexico will shortly have for the first time in its history a wholesome sewer system. When the eagle with the snake in its bill settled upon a rock in Lake Tezcuco and determined for the wandering Mexicans the site of the future city, the system of sewage about to be put into operation became a necessity. One of the early Spanish governors undertook to drain the city by tunneling thirty miles across the wide plain, upon which the lake and city stand, to the mountain wall that rings the plain upon every side. The tunnel caved in after a time, and buried some hundreds of slaves. Then the tunnel was turned into a ditch, and for several generations work upon this ditch was continued when there was money in hand to pay the laborers.This ditch is now finished, after…

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