Water-Works Reports.

Issue 26 and Volume 1893 14.

Water-Works Reports. City of Newton, Mass. Annual report of the city engineer for the year 1892. Albert F. Noyes, city engineer. In accordance with a vote of the water board under date of August 26, 1892, preparations were made for the constructing of the wooden filtering conduit in that portion of the filtering basin upon which the work was left incomplete in the spring of 1891, and for filling in over it. The filtering conduit may be briefly described as consisting of a wooden flume four feet square inside of the frames, placed between six and ten feet below the normal level of the water in the rim. Frames of spruce plank four inches thick by six inches deep for uprights, and four inches thick by eight inches deep for caps and sills, were placed three feet apart on centres, and covered with hemlock planks four inches thick laid close,…

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