Issue 26 and Volume 1893 14.

WATER SUPPLY ITEMS. The city of St. Louis has a very comprehensive settling basin system of clarification constructed at enormous expense, but it has proved a complete failure. There is never any clear water delivered by the St. Louis water-works when the river is high and it is never wholly free from turbidity even when the river is at its lowest stage. The city is now spending over $1,000,000 in enlarging the capacity of the water-works and the additional expense necessary to deliver filtered water from the pumps into the mains be incurred. As to the value of filtration there can be little question. It has been tried in a number of cities, both in Europe and this country, and has given satisfaction in almost every case. It may not purify water to the same extent that boiling or distilling does, or be as inexpensive as the settling process, but…

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