Award of the John Scott Legacy Medal and Premium.

Issue 26 and Volume 1893 14.

Award of the John Scott Legacy Medal and Premium. The John Scott legacy medal and premium, held in trust by the city of Philadelphia under the legacy of John Scott of Edinburgh, to be used for the encouragement of “ingenious men and women who make useful inventions,” provides for the distribution of a medal inscribed, “To the most deserving,” and money premium in the sum of $20, has just been awarded to Jarvis B. Edson of New York, for a pressure-recording gauge, by the Franklin Institute, who have been delegated by the board of city trusts of Philadelphia to make investigations and awards. The general adoption of these valuable instruments proves their indispensable nature, lor in no other way can a proprietor place himself in a position to know how the steam pressure is carried during night and day, or how much inattention accompanies the firing. As it i* a…

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