Our Western Letter.

Issue 26 and Volume 1893 14.

Our Western Letter. OFFICE OF FIRE AND WATER, 202-206 LA SALLE STREET, CHICAGO, Dec. 21, 1S93. Chief Swenie first entered the fire department on December 3, 1849, thus making an uninterrupted term of over forty-four years service, and he is as enthusiastic about it to-day as he was at the time of his initial fire. In an interview in The Kenosha (Wis.) Telegraph-Courier, an ex-alderman speaking about the $2000 recently appropriated by that city for a fire alarm system, says, “I don’t believe it is a good investment; in twenty-five years there has not been a dozen instances where a fire would have been reached any sooner if we had a dozen fire alarm systems; the fire alarm is simply a plaything, to be abandoned later as an expensive toy.” The satisfying fact connected with this backnumber individual is that he is an ex., and it is for Kenosha’s good…

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