The Manchester Canal.

Issue 26 and Volume 1893 14.

The Manchester Canal. The Manchester ship canal was opened December 7. The accompanying sketch gives some idea of the work, which, as an engineering feat, must be set down as one of the greatest of the century. The map shows the country traversed by the canal from the sea to Manchester, fifty miles, and the following figures show the relative sizes of other great canals in comparison with the great English waterway just completed: North Sea canal, Amsterdam, 14 miles long, 24 feet deep and 88 feet wide at bottom; the St. Petersburg and Cronstadt canal, 18 miles long, 22 feet deep, 280 feet wide at bottom and 350 feet on surface ; the Suez canal, 100 miles long, 26 feet deep, 72 feet 5 inches wide at bottom and 328 feet surface. Improvements increase these figures to double the size. The Manchester canal, 50 miles long, Jib feet deep,…

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