The Alternate Bucket Water Motor.

Issue 26 and Volume 1893 14.

The Alternate Bucket Water Motor. We call attention to the new “alternate bucket water motor,” illustrations of which we give herewith, the patent on which bears date of August 8, 1893. It is made entirely different from others, by which from thirty per cent to fifty per cent better results are claimed than for any other water motor made. As shown in cut, the buckets are placed alternately on the periphery of the wheel, made in rights and lefts, and are so shaped that the water after striking them is shunted to one side, first to the right and next to the left, and does not dash back against the following buckets and retard the motion. Other motors are subject to this retarding motion, because the buckets or paddles are placed in a continuous line, and the back action of the water causes a vast amount of lost power. The…

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